High Schools Program Workshop – 21st November 2015

A City of Cape Town initiative in partnership with the African Arts Institute.

The High Schools programme was initiated in 2003 and has been running successfully to date.  60 schools selected to participate across the Greater Western Cape to put forward 2 exceptional high school learners for leadership and life skills workshops. The annual programme has an average attendance of 80 participants from grades 8 to grade 11.  Once they graduate from the programme after 1, 2 or 3 years –depending on when they voluntarily join – they become Alumni members. Fast forward to 2015 and some of these alumni graduates want to give back and, in partnership with the City, establish a Social Enterprise as a model to sustain the High Schools Programme.

The High School Programme builds holistic leadership through capacity building workshops and programmes.  Through these interventions it tackles the social challenges in and around schools and communities. These capacity building workshops include a winter school programme, cultural dialogue sessions, mural projects and an annual cultural tour. The challenge currently is that the programme is not well branded or advertised and that this story is not known.  It would be to the advantage of the Alumni and current learners to better understand and tell their story in order to fundraise effectively for the sustainability of the programme.

AFAI was asked by the City of Cape Town to facilitate a day workshop with Alumni to tackle some of these issues. Our Project Manager for Capacity Building, Ayanda Mpomo, along with a professional designer and art director, led workshops to try tackle the issues facing the High Schools Programme. These workshops discussed branding  and logo development, organizational development and an action plan for the group going forward.

Many thanks to Kenan Petersen and the Guga S’thebe Theatre, Langa.