Cultural Accelerator Learning Space # 1

Our Cultural Accelerator programme engages 17 arts entrepreneurs from 10 different communities within the greater Cape Town community. As part of the design of the programme, we created the “Learning Space” concept as a space for peer reflection, collaborative learning and to enhance the impact of the programme specifically in terms of local community-building. The Cultural Accelerator Learning Space is a bi-monthly feedback session on the development and progress of each entrepreneur in terms of their business and personal goals. Here each person is reviewed by their peers, and are given critical feedback on their progress and future plans for their business and cultural initiatives.

Our first session happened in Langa at the Guga S’thebe theatre on the 26th November 2015, with 15 people present on the day. All arts practitioners presented their movement to the bigger group, including collaborations with their fellow practitioners, community work, events and individual work. It was agreed by all that the presentations were invaluable as both knowledge-sharing and inspiration for developing their own enterprises.

Time was also set aside for giving critical feedback to team members so they can improve on their work. It was evident that there is still great improvement needed and work to be done by most present members of the group. There is huge potential to create a local arts and culture network that would encourage talent, skill and ambition emerging from communities. If harnessed, it has the potential to create the space to raise critical issues around the sector and be the embodiment of community development in terms of arts and culture. This was the first pf four sessions, with the rest still to come in 2016.

The next session is on the 26 January 2016 at LookOut Hill community Hall in Khayelitsha. The idea is to have these sessions happening in all the different communities that the 17 group members represent.

You can read more about the Cultural Accelerator program here.